Publishers on IndiLit

Publishers use IndiLit platform for converting, storing and selling their books as ebooks. Most importantly, they use IndiLit�s simple yet powerful tools to convert books written in Indian languages and distribute through IndiLit�s store to reach the whole world. Publishers control the sell of their books and set their own price for each book.

eBook Production

We understand that eBook publishing is a complex task. But yes, it can be made simple. For publishers in print media, sometimes, find it difficult to publish books as eBooks. We help them throughout the preproduction to make sure that the book they intend to publish as eBook looks as stunning as a printed book. Contact us if you face any issue while creating your eBooks. Our eBooks are published in EPUB format that is industry standard. Below information will be helpful-

  • We accept EPUB files
  • Please make sure that it has a cover page, TOC, book content, index, back cover, etc. as per the requirement of the book
  • To reach a larger audience, a sample copy of the eBook is mandatory
  • We also accept books in PageMaker, InDesign, MSWord, OpenOffice and RTF format. We help converting those formats into EPUB for an additional charge
  • Publishers own their books
  • IndiLit works as a distributing platform for eBooks

Price Calculation

Publishing EPUBs directly on IndiLit platform is absolutely free of charge. When an eBook is sold, publisher gets 70% of the book�s price. They can put a book�s price as minimum as zero or any positive value.

Terms for eBook Publishing

  • By submitting the eBook files on, you grant and assign a non-exclusive right to publish, distribute, market and sell it
  • Copyright of the book remains with you or as defined by you as the publisher of the book or in other related documents of a book
  • IndiLit has the right to sell the eBook worldwide through our site or through our partners or through other channels till the time the book is not unpublished on the IndiLit platform by you
  • As stated earlier, IndiLit is a platform where publishers publish eBooks and distribute through IndiLit Store and Channels. So, you retain the rights of the book to publish, sell and distribute through other mediums without any interference from IndiLit
  • IndiLit doesn�t own the eBooks. The eBooks published by the publishers should have the authority to own the content and any material being distributed. IndiLit will not verify or endorse any eBook being published through the platform. IndiLit may provide an automated or manual process or both to process a book as eBook. IndiLit provides access to its platform and tools to process eBooks but the decision of publishing eBooks stays with the publishers
  • IndiLit will be publishing the eBooks through its secured ecosystem but should not be held liable for any misuse by the buyers if occurs
  • Once an eBook is published by a publisher on IndiLit platform, IndiLit reserves the right to retain a copy of the files to serve to the existing buyers of the eBook even though the eBook has been unpublished by the publisher. An unpublished eBook will not be sold on the platform till the time it is not published again

Book a Demo

Call us for a demo. Our services are the most affordable and elegant. If you are amongst the hundreds of Indian Publishers who don't want to go through all the technological hassles, you should try us once. You will be reaching great heights and that is our promise. Select our services when you are 100% satisfied.

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