Affiliates are our partners in fulfilling a shared vision of "Get Everyone a Book" movement. They are our sources. They are our motivations. We bow to them and help them with the technologies we have.

Let everyone get a book of their choice!

Punjab Di Mitti

Punjab Di Mitti has books from the Punjab region. It consolidates all the books from our affiliates in this region and makes sure that the readers get a rich collection.

Unistar eBooks

One of our most significant publishers in Punjabi

Katha Bharti

Hindi's some of the modern and progressive literature collection we have.

Aadhar Prakashan

Aadhar Prakashan is a name in Hindi Publications that we can hardly ignore. Some of the most significant collections they have made headlines frequently.

Pal Pratipal Magazine

Hindi quarterly magazine with some of the unique features. You can buy individual articles. We are trying to add more there.


This is becoming a mouthpiece for Dr Bubidharanjan and his movement. One of the fierce writers of our times writes in Odia, Hindi and English. He is one of the most debatable and controversial writers in the modern history of Odisha.