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Language: ENGLISH
Sold by: Camilla Sidana
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She got up again that night. The restlessness was getting on her nerves now. She had seen it quite vividly that night, even clearer than before. A huge ship with the title of ‘Athena’, the Greek goddess, was sailing across the skies. Yes, you read it right. Skies. Not sea. It would probably have been weird for someone who was having these visions recently but unfortunately Angela was not one of those lucky people. It had been close to a year now that she had been seeing such visions. This time she had seen that woman again. She was tied by reddish orange chains. She saw her clearer than ever as though someone had changed the number of her specs. She felt as though she knew this lady somehow. The woman looked up, her hair a complete tangled mess, her eyes a shade of light brown, her face even paler than usual and her figure was more stick like than ever. Her clothes barely even fit her. She looked up and said to Angela, "I do not have much time, my dear. Hurry up. And do take that." Then she whispered, "Do not let your father know." The scene swiftly blurred after that. Angela only got to see two bald men entering the room holding something in their hands. And then red, just red all over. Angela sat up drenched in sweat. She was holding her blanket tightly as though it might fall anytime. She waited for five more minutes to rest herself, to calm the jitters. It was probably just her imagination. I mean which ship flies? And those red hot handcuffs were just............ She got up and tiptoed and went down the stairs to the kitchen to make some coffee. She looked at the clock which was covered in small lily patterns, her father’s favorite flowers. It was four in the morning. She drank the coffee very slowly, to make all her body feel the warmth of the liquid, the comfort of the caffeine. The jitters went away although she was still shivering a bit. She started to persuade herself again, "It was just her overactive imagination, her dreams..... It can’t be true or could it? The lady telling her to hurry up....... but for what exactly? Did she by any chance know her? And her father........ how did she know him?" She went up to her room now with a clear mind now. She walked over to her desk where she had made the nots of these..... visuals she had been having.... She had try to draw the face of the lady but she hadn't been able to since her drawing skills...... well...... didn’t exactly get her an A grade. So she had instead resolved to something much simpler. She had described her.