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Why IndiLit

IndiLit is an integrated turnkey system designed specifically for Indian publishers like you to create and sell books or magazines through a highly customized eCommerce site with your brand.


Take IndiLit's design services and create your print-ready books. IndiLit's workflow allows publishers in Indian Languages to create interactive ebooks and distributes through a secured channel. Only the buyer of an ebook will have access to read the book.


Reach your market through email campaigns and SMS. Create your sales funnel and use your market insights to build a sustainable future for your business. Connect with your readers through various marketing tools available on the IndiLit platform.


As you start using IndiLit's services, you will get your e-commerce site ready. Use your brand to promote your sale. Work for the brand that gives you a long-term identity with easy integration. We cover from listing till fulfilment and beyond.

When you work hard,
work for your brand.

See your brand as your future

Hard work is important. But make it work for your brand. Why you will sell on another companies website? Sell on yours. We will make sure that you get every single tool and help to make your brand shine. You work with your writers, designers, and with your editorial staffs to bring a great book to the market. You focus what you do the best and here are the things we will be doing to help you -

  • Get your free e-commerce website *
  • Book listing - both physical and ebooks
  • We assist with your sales
  • We help you create ebooks
  • Shipping and tracking