An Appeal

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We, at IndiLit, have been working hard for a tiny good cause. Our dream is to make our Indian Language books available to the whole world, and at the same time, we should be preserving our books for the next generation to come.

Can we achieve this objective?

We are doubtful. As we all know, this is not a tiny task, and IndiLit is a small entity to achieve this objective. If we all come together, we can do this, though. This huge responsibility will be achieved one day. But how?

As a writer, you always wish that your creation should reach its readers. You contribute a lot. You still stay sceptic about how your creations will be protected. We don't publish your books as PDF books. Our ebooks are specially created with security in mind and can only be read with our mobile application. Secondly, anyone who has access to our ebooks has been granted permission and can be easily audited through our system. Two points to repeat -

  • Our ebooks are secure and can't be distributed easily
  • Hence, only the buyers of our ebooks have access

So, publishing your books as ebooks should not scare you away. But doing so will make your ebooks always available to your readers and hence can have a longer life.

Our publishers understand that ebooks are not competing with physical books. A new book by Deepak Chopra has been published recently called "Metahuman". The physical copy of this book will be released on the 22nd of October on Amazon, but the ebook has been released on Kindle. Penguin, as a publisher, understands the strategic nature of this domain. They don't fear if the physical copy sale will be impacted by the ebook. They know that ebooks have a better reach and physical books still provide a better experience. Penguin thinks to capture both the markets.

For us, it is not the market or money. We create tools to help these priceless books to be stored in a medium that makes it easy to be accessible on demand. We want to appeal to our writers and publishers to come forward and preserve our culture and mother tongues.

Thank You!